My suggestion for Passpack is ...

Secure document storage

Upload files, or attach to entries, to be encrypted inside your Passpack account. Could also serve as a backup for SSH keys.

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    PasspackAdminPasspack (Admin, Passpack) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Zaid AbdullaZaid Abdulla shared a merged idea: Allow storing public/private keys  ·   · 


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      • BeeBee commented  · 

        Love Love Love This Idea!

      • ErikErik commented  · 

        If you guys had only implemented this feature, you would have won our business. Too bad. Meanwhile we'll be using LastPass, which has these features.

      • Pablo GarciaPablo Garcia commented  · 

        Can't wait anymore !!! This is a must.

      • Ben SchmidtBen Schmidt commented  · 

        I am looking for some central storage system that allows me to upload SSL Keys, and switch configs

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        this would be really good to have to make passpack the one place to store all credential information (e.g. certificates) of a business.

      • John MillerJohn Miller commented  · 

        We have to produce scans of passports/SSNs/visas etc. for employees. We also use copies of signatures and handwriting fonts to sign important documents. I would like a place to store and more importantly share these documents that is not dropbox.

      • TobyToby commented  · 

        I'd really, really like to see this, I'm trying to organize online encrypted backup and need somewhere safe to store the keys, first place I tried was here :(

      • krrakrra commented  · 

        We have a lot of software license keys (files) - secure storage for small files is a must for our team/company.

      • emkayemkay commented  · 

        when I still used keepass I used to scan my TAN lists for ebanking and attach em. would love that with passpack!

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Yes this is a must have.

      • KonstantinKonstantin commented  · 

        You considered things September 27, 2010, It's more then year have elapsed.
        Why is it takes so long to implement so simpe feature?
        How's it going?

      • David MeisterDavid Meister commented  · 

        google docs already has secure document storage/sharing, right? if you want whole PDF documents saved then you can use that.. but the points being made about SSH keys and SSL certificates, as well as licence registration keys for other software are very salient. Increasing the character limit on notes to around 10k should be more than adequate for most uses. I personally feel that encouraging people to use passpack like an intranet would be detrimental to the service - i assume there would be added costs for storage which would be passed to the end user.

      • proky.hbproky.hb commented  · 

        That feature would be great. I'm joining the list ;-).

      • myroslavmyroslav commented  · 

        HTML5 now offers a way to perform operations with binary streams. HTML5 offers different File APIs (for local storage and for Uploading). You can offer secure file storage for owners of modern browsers.

        Those who would like to store PGP/SSH/SSL keys most probably have modern browser.

      • NewUserNewUser commented  · 

        I would like to have some sort of document format (longer notes will do) to write my journal and other secure/private notes. Right now I use google docs, the perfect solution would be if google docs could be encrypted by PassPack but I'm not sure if it's doable technically.

      • dazzzydazzzy commented  · 

        I agree, file base storage would be good with some sort of JPEG view of images for Drivers ID/Passport etc

      • paulpaul commented  · 

        This would be perfect for SSH keys, private SSL certs, etc. There are lots of files like that that need to be shared, but also need to be kept as secure as passwords. The files are generally less than 10KB, so this shouldn't be much harder than encrypting the "notes" (which is limited to 1280 chars).

        A short term workaround would be to increase the limit of the notes field to something like 10-20x its current size.

      • NewUserNewUser commented  · 

        Yeah, give as a new dropbox!

      • Patrick@ADSPatrick@ADS commented  · 

        Would be awesome for storing config files for network equipment.

      • ChrisChris commented  · 

        Second the idea to store SSH/PGP/other certificates. Passpack will certainly become like an online vault for your valuable private data. Just make sure you keep it that way (ie private).

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