My suggestion for Passpack is ...


A Passpack API so we can build our own applications and widgets.

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    PasspackAdminPasspack (Admin, Passpack) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    under review  ·  PasspackAdminPasspack (Admin, Passpack) responded  · 

    Help us plan this. Please let us know what types of applications you have in mind. Or perhaps what systems you’d like to integrate with via the API.


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      • Milan ThapaMilan Thapa commented  · 

        Better if there is a simple api, or a command line tool written on any language (c, python, ruby, perl, js), capable enough to interface with passpack

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Storing private keys would be very useful for me, I use quite a lot of them.

        I do this at the moment by copy/paste into notes which do have enough room.

      • ernoppernopp commented  · 

        I'd like to be able simply to retrieve passpack records programmatically

      • JohannJohann commented  · 

        Any news on this?
        We generate customers automatically in our systems and would like to push user + password to passpack.

      • JesseJesse commented  · 

        I would love to be able to automate adding new password entries using our internal scripts/applications. It would be even better if this can integrate with AD/LDAP as well (to manage group memberships and shares with one central system).

      • Ernest OppetitErnest Oppetit commented  · 

        hi, i'd like to integrate google docs to passpack to mass export passwords to passpack

      • Eugeniu IacubEugeniu Iacub commented  · 

        it woulg be greate to integrate it with synology nas products. i would gladly pay to have my own hoste password manager

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        We use servers with One Time Passwords. We generate 100 passwords at a time and import them into our current password repository.

        How silly is it for us to upload the entire list via a CSV file to passpack's servers which will then encrypt them? The passwords we have are highly sensitive.

        An API where we can see the client source to confirm that the passwords are not uploaded to the server in plain text.

      • Malachi de AElfwealdMalachi de AElfweald commented  · 

        The browser on Android is extremely bloated and heavy. I'd like to make a native Android app.

      • JohnJohn commented  · 

        We would need an api to automatically insert ftp or ssh accounts from our hoster (that has an api) in passpack. So we can share easier with our employes.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I run a business which helps customers build IT applications - and need to maintain passwords to dev servers etc of multiple projects and for multiple user types. Use case is:
        * Customer launches a project and we provision project management, source code repository, dev AWS server, test AWS server, application frameworks, etc.
        * There are a number of passwords needed but for different roles. For example the SSH credentials to servers is for customer and system admin only. Others such as repository access and zend/ phpmySQL admin for developers, etc.
        * I want to create a Passpack account for each user that the customer assigns to a project and make accessible the project specific passwords that are appropriate for the role (project owner, system admin, lead developer, etc).
        * A passpack API would make this a more reliable process than relying on manual configuration.

      • SamSam commented  · 

        Passpack, you should build a highly optimised iOS app, along the lines of 1Password. Their app is great, because you can easily access all your passwords without an internet connection, however they're missing your sharing features, and some of their UI doesn't make sense unless you're in the US. If you don't build it, I will! You're losing market share to an inferior product because you don't have an iOS app, please, built it yourselves before we get a ton of crappy apps that will besmirch your name!

      • BrettBrett commented  · 

        I stumbled on this page while looking to see if there was a way to automate password creation.

        I've been evaluating the way we set up each new site, and would like to be able to automate all of the repetitive parts out of it. But passpack is one of the things we just have to do manually, even if we didn't have all passpack functionality exposed, it would be great to have a web service that allowed us to create a new item, and receive a generated password back.

        It would be a huge time saver.

      • Halldór HrafnHalldór Hrafn commented  · 

        Providing a platform independant (REST-like?) API would be fantastic. For me I mainly use Passpack as a secure catalogue of passwords/credentials. Basic, but Passpack-grade-secure, CRUD API would take this service over the top! :D

      • Ryan -Ryan - commented  · 

        An API that will let a website know that you are logged into Passpack, and let them make a generic "Log in with Passpack" button.

      • David JM EmmettDavid JM Emmett commented  · 

        An API would be great, we could then integrate it with SSH in a similar way as the GnomeKeyring does!

      • Matt DolanMatt Dolan commented  · 

        We have a script to do various tasks involved in creating a new project, but at the moment it has to tell the user to 'store this password in Passpack'. Would love to be able to automatically store and share the password with the appropriate Passpack users.

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        I am not a programmer like a lot of Linux users nowadays. I do know my way around the shell and find this an extremely powerfull tool that provides you with integration with all installed applications and data since the system allready supports those.

        I would be very happy with a way of making system calls and managing stdin and stdout. Since the BASH shell is Posix compliant it also runs like a charm on Windows and might even act as an extra security layer since attackers will not expect you to have a bash shell ;)

        The easiest way of providing this feature I can think of is to create some files filled with BASH functions that can be included in shell scripts.

        If something like this could be part of the API I would be more than happy and so would a lot of others with me.

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