My suggestion for Passpack is ...

Browser Plugin

Use the Passpack It! button without having to open Passpack first

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    AdminPasspack (Admin, Passpack) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • kahnn commented  · 

        Windows Phone does not support flash then don't use it, use html5 or something better?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I don't mind having passpack open in a pinned tab, and am using the UsePass chrome extension to login using a keyboard shortcut. Very convenient! Unfortunately, I haven't found a similar solution for Firefox.

      • Chuck commented  · 

        ...doesn't this defeat the purpose of using Passpack? If you can log into any site with a click of a button, it's like not even having a password to the site :|

      • oligomous commented  · 

        OK the Passpack Desktop doesn’t seem to have support for one-click login at all so the need for this is still strong.

      • oligomous commented  · 

        I routinely click on the bookmarklet, have it tell me that I need to enable one-click, click OK, go back to Passpack, click to enable one-click, go back to the site I wanted to log in to, and then try the bookmarkle again. This is very annoying. A proper browser extension could solve all this. I’m trying Passpack desktop now though.

      • Steve Howe commented  · 

        Passpack seems more secure than Lastpass, is that right? But the lacking integration with browsers makes the Passpack vs Lastpass a no-brainer. For storing other data like social security numbers, product registration numbers, VIN numbers, PIN numbers and other non-browser-login info, maybe Passpack is the better option for these?

      • Seth commented  · 

        Please consider creating an extension for Opera 11.x+ like Lastpass has done.

      • NChiba commented  · 

        more than year have been passed, is passpack still alive?

      • Glenn commented  · 

        A keyboard shortcut would be ideal, allowing a search on passpack entries so you can select the one you want. Once you have the correct one, just press return to launch that login page and login for you.

      • NewUser commented  · 

        I don't use auto-forms, 1-click logins or plugin. My vote - low priority! Just a nice online/cloud password manager.

      • uj commented  · 

        It would be great to have a keyboard shortcut, but even more it would be great if for example:
        I want to login to gmail and I have 10 accounts there, a list of accounts is produced and by every account login action I have further shortcut
        1 Acc1
        2 Acc2
        3 Acc3
        N AccN

        The length of the list is tailored towards N with max length of 30 for example.

      • nitrolinken commented  · 

        I used passpack heavily in the beginning, but this is the actual reason I switched over to a different password solution.

        One I know Tara doesn't find quite nice, but it was a reasonable switch.

      • Alex Leonard commented  · 

        In my mind a plugin would give one feature that isn't an option with the bookmarklet - keyboard shortcut for login!

        Right now I have a keyword assigned to the bookmarklet, so I can do alt+D, and type ppi in the address bar to 'visit' the url of the bookmarklet. It would be lovely to just be able to do ctrl+alt+p or similar.

        Other advantages of a browser plugin could be integration/supplantation of the browser password manager.

      • AdminPasspack (Admin, Passpack) commented  · 

        Shane, you're right - the real need here is "Use the Passpack It! button without having to open Passpack first" but most likely that would require a plugin.

      • Shane commented  · 

        I don't mind the Passpack It! bookmarklet (in fact, it works great with Firefox Sync!), however it does get annoying when it tells me I need to log in first and I then need to open a new tab, log in, then close it.

        Would it be possible then to login directly from the bookmarklet (ie: it would pop up a login form)?

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