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Non-Login Storage & Form Filling

Store things like credit card numbers, drivers license info, insurance card info, address, etc in a "wallet" feature in Passpack. Be able to auto-fill forms other than logins with this data as well.

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    AdminPasspack (Admin, Passpack) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Biggest reason I am still with Robo- not sure how I could switch my users to something that does not do this. Browser based form fill is helpful (like browser based username/password fill is) but using Robo (maybe PassPack someday) to include conditional fill of forms w credit card, etc across multiple browsers is better, much the way they are better for passwords.

        Lastly- Robo also fills in some non browser application passwords in (Java or other Apps -not sure what they are written in. This is not universally working,but does help with some- so non-browser based capability can be good for that too.

      • Chris Roberts commented  · 

        This would be a great addition for me, too. I currently use passpack for both personal passwords and some that I share with my team. I'd love to be able to store information like credit card details in a more structured way.

        I currently either create a new entry and just use the 'Notes' field - or resort to using eWallet. I'd rather have everything in PassPack, though!

        - Chris

      • Paul Harvey, SEO commented  · 

        TOTALLY! I'm gonna be stuck with lastpass until you bring this one in.

      • Jason Jones commented  · 


        This would make it the ideal application for me, at the moment I use something called FlyingBit Password Keeper to store additional details such as:
        IP Address
        WPA Keys
        Credit Card Number
        Bank Sort Code

        I have been looking to upgrade this functionality to something that's possible to share automatically without me having to generate new flash drive versions every time something changes and the ability to generate the custom tags is really important.

        My current replacement evaluations have it down to PassPack and Password Depot with the later providing something similar in terms of custom fields as my current solution but PassPack coming out on top in terms of web interface, device support and general architecture.

        However, this feature is really important to me and does not seem that difficult to implement (i.e. marginal storage requirements) and it really would mean that PassPack would provide the complete solution!

      • ken commented  · 

        At least storage security question's answer. I use the password generator to generate an answer which I use for all questions. This is error-prone because the generator overwrites the current password. Need to be able to copy the value to the clipboard by clicking on an icon--just like I can w/ username/password today.

      • jrm commented  · 

        It would be a great addition. It would also make PassPack the equal to LastPass in this area.

      • NewUser commented  · 

        Those could be stored in Note field. It's part of custom field suggestion.
        Personally don't use auto form filling, so don't need special fields.

      • davidannett commented  · 

        Any updates on this? Still the most needed feature for Passpack... would love to hear any news or thoughts you guys have on it.


      • davidannett commented  · 

        Tara, can you give an update on this idea, and if it is being considered? Seems like it has a lot of support behind it, and I think it would make a great addition to Passpack, bringing it more in line with other options.

      • Dave commented  · 

        This feature is very needed! I like Passpack but almost went with another solution because this feature was missing. Please consider adding this ASAP!

      • AdminPasspack (Admin, Passpack) commented  · 

        Tosibamaniac - The non-login forms are, for example, online surveys, credit card order forms, mailing address forms, etc. This request is from people who want to use their button to fill in those things as well.

        Are you referring to those other forms, or for example, a login form with: username, password & account number? if the later, you might also be interested in this suggestion-


      • Tosibamaniac commented  · 

        Tara Kelly - Is there some thing that I am missing? Other forms are used for login, and with out them auto login is useless on that web sites!

      • AdminPasspack (Admin, Passpack) commented  · 

        Tosibamaniac - What's your main use of Passpack? Do you use the sharing features at all, or only use it for your own personal stuff?

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