My suggestion for Passpack is ...

Prepopulated Accounts

Create shared accounts for my staff, from inside my paid account

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    AdminPasspack (Admin, Passpack) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Eli Meir commented  · 

        I use this for my company but have the same problem as people mention below, I'm surprised in 5 years you haven't got around to doing this. I need a company plan, rather than having each employee make their own login. Then I need that when employees create passwords, they belong to the company, not to the employees individual account. I more or less like passpack but this makes me look at every new password manager which comes by my desk to see if it has the same features I like in passpack but improves the management of accounts.

      • Eli Meir commented  · 

        If you actually do this (I see it's a very old idea now so maybe not happening?) it would also be great if when people add passwords through the prepopulated accounts, those passwords belong to the master account. Right now, I've gotten employees to sign up for their own accounts and then share with them, but regularly have the problem that someone wants to add a new password, and does it in their own account rather than sending to me to add to the master account. It is an understandable confusion and could be prevented by having a full set of company accounts that all belong to my company.

        I would be happy to pay a lot more than the current fee to get this feature.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        When this is done, I can buy an 80 user license

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Seriously, just drop this whole shared account thing and let the account owner generate multiple logins to the one account, and assign various permissions to each of those logins. No one wants to have to manage more seperate accounts for their staff and subordinate users. As a previous post mentioned, it fails mainly because people are too lazy to sign up for these new shared accounts; IT admins should not be burdened with this whole process.

        I have one positive aspect to comment on: thank you to all previous posters on this thread for making this aspect clear to me now, so I can avoid wasting my time on this.

        Since this thread is getting on four years old, this is obviously never going to improve within a practical time frame.

      • Austin commented  · 

        Will this ever actually happen? It would make PassPack much easier to use for organizations if there were user management features for Admins.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I am abandoning plans for my company to integrate Passpack. Its so discouraging to me that they wouldnt have someone monitoring the suggestion box and address this issue sooner than later.

      • Jeff Winkler commented  · 

        Is this going to happen any time soon? I see it is planned? Is there any way to get on a beta program or anything to preview what is happening? If there is no movement to incorporate this soon we may be forced to move on.

      • prospective enterprise user commented  · 

        Definitely need this too. Seems like a lot of "enterprise" software falls back on this method of making users create their own accounts, which administrators end up loosing control of. That's insecure!

        Well, actually what happens is everyone is too lazy to sign up, and then we have to abandon the whole system. Various software vendors have lost out on thousands of our $$$ because of this!

      • Guy Paddock commented  · 

        Definitely need this functionality. Otherwise, we'll need to look at some other solution. Security doesn't need to be convenient (since it's security), but this part of the process definitely should be more convenient.

      • twohawks commented  · 

        Need this for sure. But it will only have true/full benefit for business when you also provide for a business owner to assign an administrator for groups (and or each group account), and pushing out tags.

        Here's what it looks like right now (what to expect) in the real world...
        - I setup ceo account and her share name, under my control
        - then setup my account and my sharing handle
        - setup shares from ceo account to mine
        - test everything (get it organized for the potential groups)
        - setup each user account by creating each new login
        - setup collaboration for sharing in @ accounts
        - create instructions for users to login, reset passwords and packing keys, and for accepting invitations from ceo later
        - re-tag all entries in my account since they are not propogated and cannot be imported (what a pain),
        - instruct everyone else to do the same (forget that - no way its gonna happen)
        - transfer ceo account ownership to ceo by having her login and change passowrd and packing key
        - I can create new entries and transfer their ownership to ceo, however,
        - I cannot manage shares of existing or new entries to teams for the company, so I am actually powerless to "administer" anything without access the ceo's account directly, which means she has to constantly hand=hold the process, and constnatly change her codes after I am done working within her account.

        This is already reflecting poorly on my IT decisions for this small company.

        Whats really needed to make this viable for business:
        - admins for groups, i.e., be able to give admin permissions to someone in a group
        - fully setup staff accounts within owner account and group-admin-share user account
        - allow tags to be shared from the owner account
        - and/or allow tags to be imported onto entries that are shared with you

        ***I really appreciate the integrity of this company... real people providing real help and support with a very creative and progressive product. When you sort out the business management viablity I will be able to realisticly start using this for more of my client companies.

        Thanks for the facility for providing feedback and suggestions.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Subscribe - I'd need to organised over 30 employees, getting them to all sign up and set their sharing options would be like herding cats!

      • Patrick commented  · 

        I expected to be able to create accounts for users. It seems kinda hooky that users have to create their own accounts. It can be a challenge then to get them to get their nickname and everything setup so that sharing can happen.

      • Chris commented  · 

        This is a must, if I am to use it in a professional environment I can’t be asking users and clients to sign up online.

      • Dave Crenshaw commented  · 

        Yes, please make it so we can create user accounts directly within business level-passpack, then send sharing info.

      • Jan commented  · 

        I agree. Asking users to sign up via email and getting all the passwords is a pain when you have more than 10 users.

      • Lori commented  · 

        Yes please! It would be great to setup groups and the people and then when a new hire starts, the groups and staff are all correct.

      • J. Allen R Day commented  · 

        This is pretty much the only way I could hope to get my boss on board (Even then, it's a bit doubtful admittedly) As it is, I'll send him the passwords and pins and usually am told to "just e-mail me the damn password"

      • Larry Gilbert commented  · 

        This sounds good. The biggest obstacle I've had so far in getting my company on board with Passpack is that for whatever reason they just don't want to take the time to sign themselves up. To be honest, I don't know whether that's because they're resistant to the idea or they're just lazy. :-)

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