My suggestion for Passpack is ...

Native iPhone & Android Application

A native application for the iPhone and Android mobile operating systems

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    James DasherJames Dasher shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    sam9ssam9s shared a merged idea: web mobil version ok, but a native Android ver would be awsome  ·   · 
    Alexis KARTMANNAlexis KARTMANN shared a merged idea: Using the upcoming Adobe Air runtime for Android to provide a native Android application  ·   · 
    Rajen, SingaporeRajen, Singapore shared a merged idea: Develop native application for iPhone and Android as web have it's own limitation.  ·   · 


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Clearly these developers don't live in the real world, shared in 2010, now June 2016. Like several others below my job requires access OFFLINE due to various reasons; but it also requires others have access as well. Being able to access what I need and ensuring all team members stay in sync is critical to our business. Always being prepared for worst case scenarios is whats sets us apart when disasters strike. The weather comment below hit home, because when you are without signal, what's the point of having the service in the first place. Make it OUR choice to determine if we feel our handhelds are secure enough. Can't be any worse than you showing our CaSe sensitive username and sharename (2 of the 4 requirements for your security) at the top of the webpage.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I love passpack been using it for years but without an iPhone app i am considering switching to another solution. Yes i know there is a web-mobile version but it can often be a pain and takes several steps to open, would love to just click on an app and use touchID to open (yes LAZY I know). I don't normally voice my opinions on much online but I had to about this because I love the product. As an IT Director, I have gotten several companies to use Passpack instead of spreadsheets or note docs, but the first question everyone always has is about the native iPhone or Android app. Please spend some money on app development, it could actually make you more money.

      • BobBob commented  · 

        PassPack is the best pass manager, but without adnroid app I have to use another services. Please do the android app...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Check out 1password, they have APIs, i recommend this to my clients, and thats what i use. But i need a team tool.
        passpack and 1password would be cool.
        im not related to them, i have just been a client for years.

      • Carl SchneiderCarl Schneider commented  · 

        Stand alone iPhone and Android app that syncs with the on line version and stores the database locally is sorely needed in my area. Hurricanes and other weather events knock out wireless access so internet access is not always available. Having the database cached on mobile devices would be a huge asset.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We love passpack, really, if you want we can help you to make a great iOS and Android native app!

        Look at some our works:
        iOS :
        - Gewiss HAPPY HOME (
        - Megared (
        - Conclave (
        - Crumbee (
        - ZeHus Bike+ (
        - FlyKly Smart Wheel (
        - Bike+ (
        - FlyKly Smart Wheel (

        And many others that aren't available on stores!

        One advice for web-based mobile optimized version? Remove capitalization from any textfield, please. ;-)

      • LynneLynne commented  · 

        I LOVE Passpack but I had to move on to another password manager because of Passpack's lack of native iPhone and Android apps. Your web-mobile version just isn't enough for me. I still recommend Passpack at all of my training sessions, but none of my participants are interested if it doesn't have a native app they can use. I'd return to Passpack in a heartbeat if you gave us a native app, and I'd even gladly pay more than what I'm paying for that other password manager.

      • Keith L.Keith L. commented  · 

        Oh c'mon, this should be a no brainer! The mobile website just isn't ever going to be as capable as a native app.

      • DaveKDaveK commented  · 

        Just made the switch to lastpass. Before I had mSecure as a single user. As I grew into multi-user, passpack gave me a great tool to share common logins. The pain? Mobile version. I just can't live with that any more. I've had other pain with lastpass but with the native app, which works wonderfully with both ios and android, I can't stay with passpack any longer. Sad to switch but so happy to get my app back on the phone. I hope after four years of asking, someone at passpack will finally realize the value. Maybe you guys should use the mobile app with hundreds of passwords and see why we all want the native app.

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Stand out of the crowd with an android app;

      • K KK K commented  · 

        web apps are so 2004 :) lets go native! :) :) :)

      • Bad Dog DesignBad Dog Design commented  · 

        I just went to and got a big ugly yellow and red security warning. I accepted it and continued and now the https:// is slashed out with a red line. Not what I want to see post-Heartbleed. I've been waiting a long time for an android app and thinking it might not be happening anytime soon - I really don't like LastPass but may have to make the switch.

      • Vineeth MohanVineeth Mohan commented  · 

        An Android App is highly welcome. It's annoying to use mobile browser all the time and it feels a lot insecure for me.

      • darren elliottdarren elliott commented  · 

        Come on guys not sure how much longer I can wait for this, happy to pay 69p (given I am free account user at present).

      • Ben TeagueBen Teague commented  · 

        I am highly debating on moving to another platform that has native iPhone, Desktop & Web. Native iPhone would be tremendous!!

      • Charles MilesCharles Miles commented  · 

        Native Android app please - for years you have mentioned the mobile version of the site but, for me imho, it falls (way way) short of a good native application.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I don't know if this has been stated, but it's nearly impossible to differentiate between passwords on the mobile site. We use this to store passwords for the customers we support. As such, the passwords we store have long names beginning with the client name. You can only see a few characters on the mobile site, so we'll have 15-20 different entries that all look the same. Without a way to scroll through the password names, the mobile site is useless in our situation.

      • JanJan commented  · 

        what is the problem to develop an mobile version of the air application?
        Air is availible for mobile since minimum two years.

      • dasheddotdasheddot commented  · 

        Of course we are all aware of the existence of the mobile version. Nowadays a service without a native mobile app is a show-stopper. Personally I implemented some mobile editions of web applications, but for a web application this can be only a temporary solution.

        So please outsource this or whatever, I would pay a premium account just for an iOS app. But if I can't see "Planned" on this suggestion in the near future I feel impelled - and for sure lot of other users - to move to your competitors.

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